Luinstra Law Office

Luinstra Law Office in Great Falls, Montana, is your go to for all of your personal and business deals. We offer an array of services that will benefit you greatly. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.            406-761-4800


Transactional Lawyer

We can help you with everyday or once in a lifetime real estate and business sales and purchases, whether big or small. We have helped many clients acquire and sell both real and personal property. We can recommend and set up the right type of organization and structure for your business.



A considerable part of our practice is probating Wills for both small and large estates. We have assisted clients with all kinds of assets and all kinds of Wills. We seek to probate estates in the most efficient manner we can by terms of the Will of the deceased.


Putting together business deals

We can help negotiate and formulate sales and acquisitions of business assets and property. We can help you to determine and then prepare the right kind of document for the situation.

Putting together personal deals

We are familiar with everyday needs of clients who have issues and disputes over property, whether it is preparing an easement, a lease for real or personal property or myriad other documents relating to client concerns and issues.

Estate planning

Our goal in estate planning is to provide the most efficient and effective way to transfer client property and assets to their heirs and others they intend to benefit, in a way that is understandable and appropriate for their needs and desires. We offer a full range of estate planning not only by use of Wills, and other non-probate transfer documents to beneficiaries, including powers of attorney in the case of incapacity for clients in the future. We also draft living Wills for clients.

Trust formation

We work with clients who may wish to hold and handle their assets and property by means of a trust in the appropriate setting for the character and location of their property, their wishes and the needs of their family.


Some people have a Will prepared as part of a comprehensive Estate Plan, but this is not always necessary. Depending upon your circumstances and needs, we can prepare a simple or complex will that will meet your needs. Please call to schedule a consultation and we will find a solution that is appropriate for you.

Elder Planning (Medicaid and Medicare)

We can assist clients who are concerned about their future regarding long term care in various facilities, with an emphasis on planning ahead to protect assets and provide for long term costs and application of Medicaid to their assets